Dredging Business Service

We have dredging business to maintain the depth in front of our Jetty and we also serve our clients who require maintaining the depth in front of their port.

Our business unit consists of 1 x dredger (bucket type), 1 x hopper barge.

Dredger Unit
Type : Bucket type
Particular : LOA = 35 Meter, Beam =8.0 Meter, Draft = 1.70Meter
Performance : Our dredger can dredge at max 13.50 meter depth which has capacity 300cu. m. per hour.

Hopper Unit
Type : Barge which can open windows to drain out soil, mud or sand.
Particular : LOA = 30.5Meter, Beam =6.0Meter,Draft =1.85 Meter
Capacity : 120 cu.m.